If you’re managing a team or program, you likely have multiple projects in progress at the same time. But keeping track of all the moving pieces can get complicated, and fast. Without a good process for managing multiple projects, it’s hard to know what work to prioritize, how to help your team effectively manage their workload, and if everything is all getting done on time.

Fortunately, there is a better way. Whether you’re struggling to organize and manage work across multiple projects or ensuring your team has a manageable workload, these strategies will help you keep everything on track.

Designate one place to house all of your projects

  • Problem: Lack of visibility across all of your projects.
  • Solution: Plan and manage all of your team’s projects in the same place.

After weeks of planning and getting buy-in on your projects, your team is finally ready to get started. However, if all of your plans are scattered across various docs and spreadsheets, and you’re coordinating the actual via emails and meetings, managing your projects becomes time consuming. You miss essential pieces of information because you don’t have access to files or aren’t copied on an email. Or your team ends up duplicating work because they didn’t know someone else is already working on it.

For example, if you’re managing a product roadmap with multiple product launches, you’ll want to know exactly how many launches there are, what each includes, and when each are happening. Planning and managing all of your launches in one place lets you quickly see everything that’s in progress and the status of your entire roadmap. What should you use as a multi-project management tool? If you aren’t already using one, a project or work management platform is the best kind of tool for the job—and ideally one that’s flexible, easy to use, and collaborative. At Asana we (no surprise) think Asana is a great option to consider.

Define goals, plans, responsibilities, and expectations at the beginning


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